Dr. Midgley was born in 1905, just 15 years after the introduction of germ theory. He graduated from the University of Utah and Northwestern University Medical School in 1929. He was a greatly revered general practitioner and surgeon for 57 years in the Chicago area. He passed away on December 3rd, 1994.

Among many innovations, Dr. Midgley was prominently recognized for his Semilunar Biopsy cervical repair operation detailed on this website---a unique surgical procedure designed to repair cervical lacerations and help prevent cancer. 

Midgley was a man of both faith and science. He was passionate about and educated in a variety of topics. His hobby writings include one Supreme Intelligence Theory, a Theory of Earth's Magnetism, and a textbook for teaching Chemistry to kids. 

This website is maintained by Laura Shanae Crenshaw, a descendant of Dr. Midgley. After Midgley's death, Laura inherited the videos and articles detailing his procedures. 

Feel free to contact Laura at LScrenshaw@gmail.com. Please put "SBR Procedure" or "Cervical Repair" in the subject line. 


 Dr. Midgley holding his first great-grandchild. 

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