The mission of this website is to provide the most comprehensive, understandable collection of medical information regarding Dr. Calvin P. Midgley's Semilunar Biopsy Repair procedure, and its significance in relation to current cervical repair procedures. 

 SBR is primarily intended to reverse cervical damage caused by childbirth. It also appears to help prevent cervical cancer and treat low-grade cervical dysplasia. 

Who should care?  

  • Women experiencing long-term discomfort after giving birth or having a difficult abortion. (Such as constant or frequent discharge, backaches, menstrual irregularity)
  • Couples who infertile after being able to get pregnant before without difficulty
  • Women who have a positive pap smear and are looking for the least invasive treatment options.

"I've never missed diagnosing a case of cancer." 

- Dr. Calvin Midgley, as quoted by The News-Sun in 1978 




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